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Black & Gold Natural Indulgence CBD Cosmetics

Our skincare products are all hand packaged using environmentally friendly cardboard tubes that are BPA-free, vegan-friendly, food safe and recyclable. It is really important to me to be as eco-friendly as possible whenever possible so there was no other packaging that attracted me more than what we are using.

Our packaging is solid and reusable, so to try to encourage our customers to re-use we have put together a few ideas on what can be done with them: they’re probably not the best ideas but it’s a start and work in progress!

CBD Cosmetics FAQ: Black & Gold Natural Indulgence CBD Skincare
CBD Bath Bomb Packaging- Black & Gold Natural Indulgence CBD Cosmetics
Black & Gold Natural Indulgence CBD Cosmetics

Eco friendly: Reuse and Recycle

Not only are they great for transporting our products on your travels, some of the alternatives uses for our CBD skincare packaging that we have come up with include:

Storage Pots

These little pots come in different sizes and are great for storing beloved jewellery in, they can stack up on top of each other to save safe too, other options include:

  • Pen pot holder
  • Plant Pots: Fill with compost and plant your seed, sit back and watch them grow.
  • Flower Pots: If you line the tall tube with a sandwich bag, it makes a cool little temp container for cut flowers.. good for holding pens and pencils.
  • Travel tea, coffee and sugar pots: You can put tea bags (and sugar) in them when visiting friends who only have coffee.
  • Pincushion holder/ container,  If you put some foam in them at the bottom of the container, you can then push your pins into the foam, place the lid on and store them away safely I’m guessing a pin holder.

Jack in a Box Toy

This one is possible but we just don’t know how yet! 


Toy telephone

Use two pots that are the same and make a hole in the middle of the base, push some string through the hole and tie a knot at the end that is inside the pot, repeat with the other end and pot and.. well done you!

For Pets

The tubes can be connected together, end to end to build your pet rat its own little tunnel system to navigate around your house. Carefully push the base of the tubes out of each tube, then place pressure on the ends to squeeze one end of a tube into another. You can also cut a corner off the tubes to create a curve.

Make a person

If you glue some string to the lip balm tins, then glue 2 of the none tin end of the string to the bottom of the tubes… you’ll have some feet and legs on a body.. still working out how to attach arms and ahead…

If you can think of some other uses ideas for our packaging, we would love to hear from you.


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